The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute 

SMHI's knowledge within hydrology is deep and our area of expertise ranges from measuring water levels and flows, to e.g. researching how a changing environment may affect our watercourses.

Unique full spectrum pan-European hydrological predictions

Water is essential for life on Earth, an asset that is important to monitor, study, and care for.

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Timeseries and predictions on pan-european water modelling

Regional calibrated model and user friendly web-service 

Water environment and quality of drinking water

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Hydrological data & forecasts

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Full spectrum hydrological data and forecasts covering Europe and some consultancy to help you manage it!

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"We have had great use of the flood map we got from SMHI"  - Magnus Palm, the municipality of Mark

Flood mapping

Reference cases

"Thanks to SMHI we can see and trace emissions and assess water quality." - Susanne Vävare, the administranional government of Åland

Local calibration with coastal model